About XOC - Mexican Restaurant in Woodland Hills, CA
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    Mexican Restaurant in Woodland Hills

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    We are very grateful for the opportunity to share with you what we believe to be the best authentic Mexican dining experience.
    Our name, XOC is derived from the prominent Mayan Queen, Lady Xoc. She is considered to have been one of the most powerful and prominent women in Maya civilization. We chose this name to clearly convey the very genuine origin that our concept is based on.

    The architecture and design are a modern industrial interpretation of the relief work and carvings used as a facade on the Mayan pyramids. Our one of a kind glass bar top is reminiscent of the quartz veins you would find throughout the caves located deep in the mountains.


    Mexican food has its origins in the Mayan civilization which dates back thousands of years. Many of the ingredients we use were introduced in that civilization. Ingredients like maize, tomatoes, tomatillos, cocoa, beans, avocadoes, epazote and chiles among others. Most of our recipes blend these ingredients together in the freshest way capturing the heart and soul of an authentic gastronomic experience. For us the meaning of authentic is not a creative fusion of ingredients, rather it is, as the definition of the word states it, of undisputed origin.